Well, she sounds like she is prepared to fight this...

I love it. I hope she wins.

Did you read the comments?

""... there is an exemption for pigeons."
That says it right there. You can keep dirty, smelly, stupid birds as long as they are useless. If they provide eggs and meat you can't. Really smart."
Ummm, you must be acquainted with a different type of bird than I am. Pigeons are very intelligent, and are no dirtier or smellier than any other species of bird. It is one thing to support someone's fight, but entirely a different matter to start slinging arrows about one type of animal being better than another.

FWIW, as a hobby, pigeons are far more expensive than chickens.
A commonly held misconception. Try researching about them and looking into their different breeds.

Pigeons are no dirtier than any other bird and rarely spread disease. They are capable of amazing feats of navigation.
Well, It isn't that I have anything against pigeons....just showing an example of one of the comments. As far as I am concerned, if my neighbor's animals do not wake me up at night and I don't have to smell them, they could keep elephants if they wanted.

I really do not understand breed specific restrictions for non-dangerous animals. Just keep em relatively quiet and clean and its nobody else's business really.

If the animal is not dangerous (sorry, I don't want my neighbors keeping tigers or bears), is not endangered or threatened (in which case wild-life management should be involved) and not a nuisance based upon general, not specific nuisance ordinances, I completely agree. Noise nuisance should be based upon volume, duration and time of day, not on the cause of the noise. Likewise for odor. Community standards for appearance should be general, as well.

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