well.. So far this morning is bad


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Mar 23, 2008
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Everyone first wakes up. Dad leaves for work and at 6:30 we get a phone call. Mom "Who is it?" me "..pawpaw, *hands her the phone*" She talks to him. and doesn't say much but "aw.. let us know (couldn't hear the rest because she kinda mumbled)" *hangs up*.. me "what was it?.." She calls dad. tells him to come back real quick (since he just left). we walk into the livingroom and sit down. as i sit quietly. dad comes in.. and mom says "Maw died last night", Now maw.. Was my great grandmother, she was diagnosed (forgive my spelling this morning). With Alzheimers a year or two ago. by how mom talked. grandpa is a mess. and dad.. Well tears was coming to his eyes while he also tried to hold it back (im guessing because i was there).. Sad thing is really.. In my whole life. the only time i can remember ever meeting her was 3 times.

Hope i didn't ruin anyones day. just felt like posting in case some wonder why im not on for a few days (if.. im not on)


In loving memory of

Maw Thornton, 1910-2008, RIP..

(Not even sure if Maw was her real name... just what everyone called her)

Positive note

She was a great woman the times i had met her. Nice to anyone, never heard her say a mean word, No cussing or anything.. never bothered anyone.. just sat in her house all alone while occasionally grandpa would come visit her. tough too, she would fell out of bed probably 3-4 times.. breaking her hip and whatever else.. and still making it. once she had alzheimers and they put her in a Home folks home. she even bit her tongue trying to get loose
.. but still..



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Dec 18, 2007
Daniel I am very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. To live to 98 is incredible. What things your Maw must have seen in her lifetime.


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So sorry for you loosing Maw!

Just remember to talk to Pawpaw and let him live the memories mainly the good times! Remember, memories are so worth recalling and very healing. And let him know that Maw is up in heaven watching you all and keeping you all safe!

may God keep you all safe and healthy!

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