Well Started Serama Cockerel 3 Months Old (BUY IT NOW)~NPIP


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Shipping: $55.00 Includes box price

Payments Accepted: Postal Money Order & Paypal: [email protected]

I have a Pair of Seramas & Roo available that are 3 months old unless otherwise noted. I do not claim these to be SQ because I have never shown them. These will be given Ivomec for worms & bugs before they ship.

I cannot ship to Virgina.

Please understand that any shipped birds is always a risk. I do not replace or refund on Mishandled, Lost or even DOA birds. These will be sent with a ice pack if it is too hot on your end and will be provided with fruit or veggies for there journey. I will take care in sending them but once they leave my hands I cannot and will not be held responsible for them. Please understand this before bidding.

3 Month Old Serama Rooster: BIN- $20.00
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Hi How much for the 4 month old molted serama pair? I might be interested

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