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    My chickens have free ranged over our acre for the last seven years. I've loved having them free range, but was very tired of chicken poo on the porch. That stuff is sooo slick when it's wet, I was worried about someone slipping and falling off the porch. So, this summer we enclosed a nice large run, got them all settled in. I went out today with a heaping scrap bowl, as I turn to close the door to the run behind me, I SLIP on wet chicken/duck poo right inside the door and down I go!!!! I landed part in the waterer, of course the treats went flying everywhere, and mud/chicken/duck poo all over my entire right side. GROSS [​IMG] The girls looked at me kinda funny---what's she doing?---but proceeded to dig into the scraps as I struggled to my feet. Of course, I was also wearing my cute new (from goodwill) coldwater creek jeans---I had been so happy I could finally wear something from them after losing so much weight---and they're covered in muck. I slogged into the house and was rinsing everything off in the shower when dh comes is. I told him what happened and completely deadpan he said "Good thing they don't poop on the porch, isn't it? ARGH! Please tell me someone else has done something similar!!!!
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    [​IMG] Sorry, that made me laugh! I have slipped several times on our chickens porch...barefoot [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] Sorry couldnt resist thats just gas!! If it was me that went down i would ... be in a fit of laugh [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh! Doesn't that just make you so mad...well, when it happens to you. If it happens to someone else it is halarious. [​IMG]
    I don't know if I can properly describe what happend similar to yours or not, but I shall try. We had two steers tied up in the barn for awhile because we were trying to calm them down. It is an old dairy barn, so there is a tough behind them where they go to the bathroom. Anyways...when we let them out, they turned around and stepped in that trough (and let me tell you it was FULL of what appeared to be sloppy mud, but IK it wasn't mud [​IMG] ) When those two steers turned around, they lost their footing and did like cartoons do-their feet were going a million miles a minute, but they weren't moving. They threw cow poo all over my brother's white shirt. There was no hint of white left on him. I laughed so hard! [​IMG]

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