Well the rooster has finally crowed


7 Years
Apr 26, 2012
Vancouver, WA (Clark County)
We bought pullets but 1 turned out to be a rooster. He's a Buff Orpington and was the one breed we got 3 of. Not sure if we should keep him around or not.

We live in the county, not the city limits, and can technically keep him, but don't want to be annoying. All the houses are 1/4 lots, so nice and close to each other.

Not sure what to do.
I never wanted to have a rooster, even though we live in the country. After one year of chicken keeping, I decided to get one, and oh boy, what a difference! I can't even imagine not having one anymore.

I only have one right now, and he is this wonderful big Brahma, very attentive to the hens, always finding something for his girls to eat. He's also a very busy boy - we have 14 hens and everytime one lays an egg he goes running to the coop to escort her back to the free-ranging flock. As soon as he's back, another one starts singing the egg song and there he goes again, running like a mad man to the coop, with his big feathered feet.
Whenever he sees me, he knows there will be treats, so he calls his girls with the "I found a treat" noise. He then grabs the treat from my hands and gives it to his girls.

He is very protective of the flock, warning against hawks and anything unusual. he doesn't crow much, and when he does, he has this very deep voice, not really annoying. And really, some of my hens are a lot more noisy and annoying than my rooster.

Sometimes I think I have chickens just so I can justify having a rooster! :)
Love to hear about a good rooster...so many people complain about them but...I know at least one of my 5 wk olds is a roo and I REALLY want to keep him...hubby says no but your post GoChick gives me hope!

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