Well we got him back!!!


10 Years
Aug 10, 2009
Denver, Illinois
After 3 years we have got our stolen Siberian Husky max back!! i work with a dog rescue and we were at an animal control when i seen him i didnt really know it was him until i went home pulled out pictures and compared along with the SO and his family, so then we went to pick him up but he had already been adopted
well we just let it go then 2 weeks later he was back at the same animal control!! and we got him this time we brought him home yesterday!!!!!!!

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its hard to say if he remembers us he was only 6mos old when he was stolen! but he acts the same and does the same things he did when he was here, he came back a tad dog aggressive but i work along side a trainer so it wont be a problem! he is just on the skinny side, but we will fatten him up!! i started working on him already so i can get him CGC certified!!
I love to hear things like this!!! I had a black cat of mine disappear on Halloween. You are thinking the same thing I did. She was gone. 9 months later she was pawing at my front door. She lived to be a ripe old age of 16. Gotta love God.

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