Well we thought that Dixie was dead... WE WERE WRONG (Pics)

M To The Maxx

10 Years
Jul 24, 2009
We had some of our chickens escape due to holes in the chicken wire on the run and Dixie was one of them. We caught all of the others and fixed the problem with the chicken wire but Dixie was still missing. So we searched and searched and searched for her but we couldn't find her. So we sadly gave up never thinking we would see her again. So now 3 weeks later we see her in the backyard all puffed up looking like she is broody. So we go out to investigate and we see Dixie with 4 chicks at her side. She had gone off and went broody AGAIN! Here are some pics of her and her babies.

So after we found her we wanted to know where she had layed her eggs at. So we searched and we found where she had been at. She was under our nose the whole time! She was in the back corner of our yard with a nest covered by wood we had layed out against a fence. Here are some pics of that.


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