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    Apr 29, 2007
    My one eyed LF Favorelle hen was broody, she had some Bantam Fav eggs under her. I knew the eggs were close and we have a Rat Snake that lives under the big coop, so I moved her to one of my Bantam pens up off the ground to hatch. She hatched one chick out a week and a half ago, I left the others as she was still sitting, but a couple days later she started leaving the eggs most of the day and scratching with the chick. I kept telling myself I needed to move the eggs and discard them but never got around to it, some were at least a week behind when I last candled, today was out and happened to look and saw one of the eggs with most of the shell gone and the membrane still there. I thought it was probably a dead egg and she had either pecked it or accidently cracked it. Imagine my surprise when there was a live chick, I checked it was fully formed and absorbed. I left it, but kept a close eye thinking I may need to bring it in and stick it under a light, I did have a light in the pen so turned it on. After the chick warmed it started peeping, she walked to the nest and settled back on the chick! I kept an eye on her, she stayed on the nest, her older chick would run to eat and drink but then came back. I just never expected her to have chicks hatch a week apart, especially since she pretty much was only sitting on the nest at night.


  2. WOW! [​IMG]

    Mother Nature is full of surprises!
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    Jul 4, 2010
    I'm SO happy to hear it turned out so well!
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    Oh My Gosh, doesn't she KNOW she has to keep the humidty up and all about lockdown?????
    Seriously... what a little miracle, congratulations on the bonus baby!

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