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    Mar 23, 2010
    Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone can help me. I ordered five chicks from mpc, 3 wellsummer, 2 speckled sussex. They arrived safe and sound, and are now 3 1/2 weeks old. I only ordered 5, but I received six. One of them has a curly foot, and i'm pretty sure is a roo. I'm also assuming that he was the one thrown in for free. When they arrived they all looked identical. They're changing a little, but are still so similar I have no idea who is a wellie and who is a sussex. I also have on that is waaaaayyy behind all the others as far as feathering, and have heard that this is a sign of being a roo too. Amy help would be appreciated. Who's who?

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    The top 3 are welsummer pullets. The bottom 3 look to be your speckled sussex. And I would agree that the curly toed one looks like a rooster.
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    Yeah, the SS have the white chests. And very pink legs.
    Is it just the lighting or do the wellies have a more yellow leg?
  4. pdsavage

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    Any white chest and pink legs are the Speckled Sussek.
    You might still be able to fix that chicks foot if you tape it flat/strait to something like cardboard or cutout butter bowl lid.
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