Wellsummer Amazing Healthy Rooster to Re-Home - Stillwater, Minnesota

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  1. laurie9503

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    Jun 27, 2011
    Hemlock is my guy. I love him and we have the best time. He's the best protector of my flock and provides hours of entertainment for us. Sadly, I must re-home Hemlock because my flock is too small for a large rooster. If he were smaller or I had more hens, it would be great. But as is, he is an exhuberant young rooster that likes to have "his way" with hens on a regular basis. Because I only have a few hens, he's continually mounting the same hens and causing back, feet and other injury issues. He's not a mean rooster, he's just "horny" and young.

    It's taken me almost 2 years to come to this because he is the best protector. I've seen him herd the hens under the porch numerous times from hawks overhead, and fight off possoms and ferral cats. He keeps the hens together while free ranging, constantly on the look out keeping them together, finding the best forage, not eating until the hens are done, and funny as all get out with his funny noises and tricks. He eats from my hand, loves yogurt especially, will sit in my arms and have his head and feathers stroked. He's super smart and brings the girls back to the house on time, or if I call them back he'll herd them right along side me.

    He's the best rooster ever, but sadly not for my little flock. So if you have more birds/hens than I and a nice area for free ranging, plus great house for protection and take excellent care of your birds, he's your man.

    Hemlock was a rescue. He came to me with a broken beak, so he has half a beak.

    Call for a phone screening. There's no charge for my healthy, beautiful rooster and I would be willing to consider a trade for sweet little bantam.[​IMG]




  2. ScoutsNana

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    Jan 28, 2012
    Hi, I think we may be able to work something out. I have a small bantam Antwerp Belgian Rooster that would be a good trade for Hemlock....He is from this years hatch. Antwerps are very friendly bantams. I am looking for a WELSUMMER rooster as I have 2 Welsummer hens and woudl like to raise a few more. I currently have 22 hens and 10 bantams. I live in Bagley MN. Close to Bemidji. Come to Metro area every month or so.. should we talk?

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