Welp Hatchery-Russian Oloffs


11 Years
May 17, 2008
Sparta, TN
I was wondering how is Welp Hatchery-Russian Orloffs. If you could post pictures it would be greatly appreciated. I would normally just order eggs from a breeder, but I have pre-ordered so many eggs for this of different breeds that I don't think that is going to be possible. I am going to have to order some from a hatchery. Ideal is sold out so I think Welp is my best choice. Please let me know their qualty and if you have any pics that would be great. Thanks.
I don't know anything about quality of their breed stock, but when I was ordering from Welp 2 weeks ago, they were sold out of Russian Orloffs for the rest of 2011. Have you checked with them recently re: availability?
You're right their site does say sold out but I called them and my first call said yes but we were cut off.Later today I called again and a different person said they were sold out but I told her that earlier today I was told they had some so she looked and said yes.I placed my order.I don't expect any great quality though.
I will check their website. I am keeeping my fingers cross. I think I might have waited a little bit to long to place my order this year.

Here is a link to a page of pictures or some of our spangled Orloffs, these are from Welp and also another breeder strain I have. These are not great pictures as they were still growing in the adult feathers. I need to get new pictures soon as they are looking great now.


I'm currently setting all eggs I gather in the incubator, expermenting with different crosses between the strains I have. Also have a third strain from a different breeder hatching out as I post this.

Maybe this will help.
Thanks so much ! They are sold out for the year through. If I have room this summer in my bator I may be able to get some eggs from a breeder, but it seem all hatcherys are already sold out. I am going to try and get another breed from welp through. Thanks so much for your help ?

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