Welsh Harlequin and Buff Orpington Ducklings


7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
In a week and a half I'll have four buff orpingtons for sale, and three, (possibly four,) Welsh harlequins for sale. These babies are for local pick up only, I live in Hyrum, once you know what you want I'll give you better directions and an address. They are coming from Metzer Farms. I'm only keeping two or three so I need to sell my extras quickly to make room for my hatching Anconas. I realize that they're sold for less on the Metzer website, however I'm trying to make up for the money I spent on ordering all of them, and this way you can pick up your babies right away without paying for shipping fees. Please PM me early if you're interested, since I only have a limited number of them.

(The babies are all straight run except for one Buff, she is a definite female! She is the ONLY one whose sexed and for sale so if you want a female PM me ASAP so I can make sure not to sell her off. First come first serve.)

Thank you!
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