Welsh Harlequin drake beating up on new girls

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by littlebirchfarm, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    We have a 10 month old breeding pair of Welsh Harlequins and just introduced a pair of girls that are 2 1/2 months old, incubated from the 10 month old's eggs. We moved the younger ones into the duck house 2 weeks ago and they were separated from the older pair by a hardware cloth fence. We introduced them to the older ducks in their yard this morning and the drake immediately became extremely aggressive with both younger females, mounting them, pulling out their neck feathers and not letting them up. We've raised ducks for almost a decade and have never seen such aggressive behavior upon introducing new girls. Is this normal behavior and do we need to worry about him injuring the girls? We hate to have to get rid of him, he's a gorgeous drake. Thanks in advance for any help
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    Yes, someone please help! I'm in a similar (though opposite) situation!

    We introduced 2 WH drakes to our mixed breed flock 2 weeks ago, and out of the blue yesterday they completely turned on our poor little pekin girl! All the other ducks are fine, but they will not leave the Pekin alone! It's like they hate her and my husband thinks they will kill her if we leave it be. We've separated her for now, but are at our wits end about what to do long term!!!
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    Bumping as I'm in the same position. Welsh harlequin drake, almost 1 year. Pekin hen that's 7 months is his partner. Then we have 14 X 2 month old ducks (2 WH hens and 12 Pekins that are straight run). Our drake has pinned the Pekins, pulling out feathers and trying to mate. We keep them divided now but yesterday one got out somehow while we were away and when we got home her back was all bloody. Will they ever integrate or does he need to go bye bye? The Pekins are nearly full size already! I was hoping to breed the WH but don't need to.

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