Welsh Harlequin Duck with injured eye

Niche Flock

5 Years
Mar 22, 2017
Yesterday afternoon I noticed one of my adult Welsh Harlequin ducks had an injured eye. She kept shaking her head and couldn't see out of it (I could walk pretty close to her, and she would turn her head and then see me)

I am not sure if it is injured or missing. Her third eyelid is working but I can't seem to see her eye. Lata night I kept her in a dog kennel in the same own with the other ducks, gave her electrolytes, probiotics in her water and poultry booster and soldier larvae to eat. She didn't eat much, drank some and still later an egg. I gave her drops of the opthamalic gel eye drops and let it sit in her eye (socket?) for a bit before putting her in the kennel. Today I continued the drops but am giving her plenty of space to roam the coop while the other ladies are out ranging.

I tried taking some photos, the eye is moist and dark...can't see an actual eye so I don't know if it's injured or no longer there. Could this be foamy eye? I did see some small bubbles when putting the gel in...but I'm not sure. Any advice appreciated thank you!


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Going Quackers

11 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
That's odd doesn't appear to be injured? i say this because of the lack of surrounding injury know what i mean? I suppose it's possible she poked it with something?

Honestly, sounds to me like your doing everything you can, i use polysporin for eyes around here i can't get the stuff you've shown, i'd continue bathing it and use the drops.

I do have some experience with eye troubles as i find Pekin always have bothersome eyes and sadly i have a one eyed call(coon attack)

wonder if she got something in it?

Niche Flock

5 Years
Mar 22, 2017
This is what is concerning, is she eating/drinking better today?
She's standing and drinking occasionally eats. I don't know if it's because of the injury or the stress of being away from the flock or a combination of the two.

Isaac 0

6 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Hi, there!

Just checking into see how your bird is doing. Updates to these threads are very useful for people in the future experiencing the same problem.

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