Welsh Harlequin Ducks eggs and Brown African Eggs


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
I didnt think I would be selling any eggs this year but I have decided that Im going to so I have for sale Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs. PM me if you are interested in some eggs and I will ship them to you as soon as I can. There will be plenty extras with your order.

Parents come directly from Holderreads Waterfowl Farm and Preservation.

Check out the link in my signature for more pics of my birds.

There are goldens and silvers laying eggs right now.

Shipping is $16 plus $0.75 for a tracking number if you want one.

I do accept money orders.

I do not mark the box the eggs are shipped in as fragile. I think it draws more attention to the box when it's marked. I will mark it as fragile if you ask me to.

Eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a small box which is then put into another box with padding.

Once the eggs leave my hands it is out of my control how the PO handles the box. I cannot promise the eggs will arrive in perfect condition but I will wrap them as best as I can to make sure they are as protected as they can be.

I ship my eggs out on either Mondays or Tuesdays. Very rarely will I ship eggs out on Wednesday.

I do NOT wash the eggs.

The brown african eggs are $5 each and I will only ship out a max of 2 with at least 6 duck eggs. The parents are Top Show quality from Holderreads.

I have added photos of my birds and the pics are from fall of 2012. The africans are much bigger now! If you want more pics check out my pics in my signature.

Any questions? :)

The money earned from the eggs goes right back to the birds for their feed, supplies and anything they need.

-Amy Ksiezopolski

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