Welsh Harlequin ducks Pair Trio or Quad Near Sunol CA

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    Jan 15, 2010
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    I have 4 welsh harlequins available, all from Metzer 1 drake and 3 girls. They hatched 11/29 and fully feathered.
    Asking $12.50 each. Minimum is 2 to reduce stress for them. They are shy but will chat with you.

    They go outside during the day/ sleep inside at night, they are ready to start transitioning to outdoors if you have a secure predator proof duck house for them to sleep in.

    Pickup only We are close to Sunol

    Pic above was at a bit over 6 weeks, they are even prettier now, gorgeous irridescant wingbars. (The gray and brown ones are my runners)
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