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8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Western North Carolina
I am looking into adding ducks to my small chicken flock and I am very interested in the Welsh Harlequin breed. If anyone is near my area and has a pair or 2 for sale please let me know. Thanks so much! I live in Old Fort, NC which is between Asheville and Hickory.
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I got lucky and found a breeder in TN that just so happens is coming through my town the first of november and will be bring me my new breeding pair!!!! Oh I am so excited and can't wait to get them. I hate to have to wait until November but atleast that gives me some times to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

I have a large coop right now for my 3 chickens. 2 hens and a blind rooster. Do you think my ducks and chickens will get a long or should I make a way to keep them seperate?

I am so excited about this breed and have heard a lot of good things about them. Anyone who ownes them who wants to share some more good stores???!?!?!?! lol.
If you have a rooster thats blind I think I'd have the chickens separate from the ducks, my ducks love to pull the tail feathers out of the chickens if they get close, so with your roo not being able to see they may take advantage of the situation. Congrats on the ducks though, thats great.
I have a seperate room in my coop I could move the blind rooster too but I really don't want to do that if possible. However, I will do just that to make sure all of the animals are safe. Thanks Lydia, I will keep my eye out for tail feather pulling. What kind of ducks do you have? - We live in the same neck of the woods.
I would just keep the ducks in separate part of coop for sleeping and if they free range during the day then let them out together. that way your roo has a better chance of getting away if the ducks feel like picking on him. We met on the N.C. thread some months back, I live in Yancey co. up the mountain from you
I have Muscovy. They all get along fine but if the chickens get in the ducks space they will pull on their feathers and if the chicken tries to run well the duck ends up with a mouth full of feathers.
The only real problems I've had is my bantam rooster runs my ducks and goose off when he's around with his girls.
I remember now! I guess I am expanding now that I see you on the duck forums. LOL. Thanks for the advice though. I will be stuck on these forums until mine get here. 2 months is a long time to wait! lol.
I had a few different breeds but after getting to know them over time, I now JUST have Welsh Harlequins. Great egg laying ability, goofy personalities, and seriously pretty.
That is exactly why I chose the breed. I have read that they are really sweet, great layers and foyagers, and good moms. Plus they are a dual breed duck as well. Everything a person could possibly want... right? lol.

Oh November please come soon. Only so many pictures of ducks on this site can make the wait bearable.
I am not exactly sure I need to find that out. She did say it was hard to tell sex because of the colors but it will become easier with time. Maybe that hints on their age?

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