Welsh Harlequin x Golden 300 Layer drakes- Manassas VA

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    I have two gorgeous Welsh Harlequin x Golden 300 Layer drakes I hatched out on April 10, getting close to full sized. The parents are from last spring's order from Metzer, and the 4 eggs I incubated (all of which hatched) gave me quite a surprise. The mother, a Golden 300, is various shades of light brown and cream, but three of the ducklings are dark rust and chocolate with black and a few white wing tips and the like. The fourth duckling looks like a very light Welsh Harlequin!

    My Welsh Harlequin drake, their father, has been a bit overzealous with my 6 adult ducks this spring, so I need to increase my duck numbers with this spring's hatch and order and keep just the one drake to spread out the "attention" next spring. These boys are very handsome and are already proving to be great bug catchers.

    In the pictures above, the first picture shows a drake with the light WH-looking sister and the similarly-colored dark sister in the background, and the second picture shows both drakes in the foreground with their similarly-colored sister (with the white on the throat) in the background. All ducks are from the same two parents.
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