Welsummer and/or Cuckoo Marans?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by mxschwartz, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. mxschwartz

    mxschwartz In the Brooder

    Aug 18, 2009
    I'm looking to add some dark brown eggs to the basket.

    Anyone have experience with these two breeds who can advise on one over the other?

    How does their egg laying rate compare to the Old Faithfuls like RIR and Barred Rocks?

    Thanks so much!!


  2. Crunchie

    Crunchie Brook Valley Farm

    Mar 1, 2007
    If you want predictable, go with the Wellies. I have Cuckoos. [​IMG] I love 'em, but as with any Marans variety, the darkness of the egg color comes and goes with their laying cycle. And most Cuckoo Marans do not lay a nicely colored Marans egg. Other varieties (Black Coppers) lay a much darker egg--usually. The genes responsible for the dark Marans eggs aren't very well understood, and it's hard to breed consistently (I have have birds that came from very nice eggs, and lay very nice eggs, but some of their offspring lay total duds for eggs in terms of color. ????).

    I can't comment on the production of the Welsummers, but my Cuckoos lay well when they are laying, when they are laying being they key--mine take long breaks! There is probably some variation in productivity between different breeders/lines, I imagine.

    If you want predictability and consistency, go with the Welsummers. If you want a challenge, and the possibility (though it will take some searching out of good stock to start with decent egg color) of darker eggs, go with the Cuckoos.
  3. Julie_A

    Julie_A Songster

    Apr 20, 2008
    Brewton, Ala.
    My cuckoo is "cuckoo." I hatched Welsummers two weeks ago and am looking forward to getting to know their sweet personalities.
  4. Overeasyplz

    Overeasyplz Songster

    Nov 8, 2009
    I have a bird that lays a brown egg with white specks on it. I belive it's one of the amerucanas. I thing the wellies are really pretty birds, nice to learn about all of them here on the forums:D
  5. Goose and Fig

    Goose and Fig Grateful Geese

    Apr 19, 2009
    Fall Creek Falls TN
    I started out with a few marans, but sold them and now I have wellies. Can't wait til they start laying!!!
    I've just never been a big fan of barred birds. I love the color of the wellies, and having a heritage breed in my flock. The eggs that I hatched all my roos from (just my luck!) were gorgeous. Had to buy the girls from a breeder.
  6. becky3086

    becky3086 Crested Crazy

    Oct 14, 2008
    Thomson, GA
    I had cuckoo marans, hated them, and sold them all. They were flighty, egg-eating, pecking birds. I love my welsummers, calm, gentle, don't peck at each other, don't eat their eggs and lay almost every day. Mine have a really nice colored egg too. I got mine from Aussie Sharon on here, though my roos are from someone else. Just waiting for the roos to learn to do their job and I will have fertile eggs. Testing some in the bator now but, of course, I can't see in the darn eggs.
  7. BeccaOH

    BeccaOH Morning Gem Farm

    Oct 3, 2008
    east central Ohio
    I had 2 Welsummer hens and 1 Maran for a while. This Maran laid a light-colored egg and was just an ugly, lackluster hen compared to the Wellies. The Wellies laid consistently and gave a nice reddish, dark egg. Sold them to a friend to breed. The Welsummers are pretty birds and one of mine was also very chatty. I'd have Welsummers again in a heartbeat.

  8. pinkchick

    pinkchick "Ain't nuttin' like having da' blues"

    May 30, 2008
    Washington State
    Hi there!

    I breed both Welsummers and Blue, Slpash, Blue Copper and Black Copper Marans ......I love them. IMO the Marans are more laid back and the friendliest of all the breeds that I have. My Welsummers are laid back but they are noisy especially the roos. My Marans are better layers than my Welsummers in the winter.

    Good luck!
  9. TerriLaChicks

    TerriLaChicks Crowing

    Apr 23, 2008
    Central Louisiana
    I have 2 Cuckoo Marans, one is a hatchery hen from Meyers-she lays a large but not exceptionally dark brown egg, but she is consistent. The other is a breeder quality Cuckoo Marans -- only hen that hatched along w/a passel of rooster I got rid of--she does not lay as often but it is a dark egg.

    I have several Welsummer hens & I favor them above the Marans; they are breeder quality from a breeder in Texas and also from our own Okiehen here on BYC (Channing Grisham lines)--they are friendly, pretty hens & the ones who have started laying (2 different hatches so a couple aren't old enough to lay yet) and they are consistent layers of big dark speckled eggs. I like them well enough I have 2 Welsummer roos so I can keep this flock going. My roos are both nice and laid back, the main roo is vocal but he has never attacked anyone-neither one has. Plus they are pure eye candy!
  10. pbjmaker

    pbjmaker Crowing

    May 9, 2008
    Central Iowa
    I have just one cuckoo and no experience with Wellies. Her egg is lighter than a wellie but she is a good layer so far (she is about 1 1/2) Her eggs are good sized and a medium brown. I will say that she is on the flighty side. Will come to me for treats but won't let me pick her up unless I catch her roosting at night. She is fairly quiet and keeps to herself for the most part.

    Just a very chickeny chicken over-all.

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