Welsummer Bantams


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Jan 12, 2007
Land of Lincoln
First bidder can take these rare babies home! All of them are laying. Three girls, one is a year old, two are June, 2010 hatch. One is German, two are Dutch. Sorry I don't have any roos to go with them. Priced to go! I am focusing more on the LF and having alot of egg customers wanting LF eggs than BF. Breeders are Erhard Wiehls and Nate Vanwey.

Can meet half way...will drive to Springfield, Bloomington, Illinois for you to pick up. We can meet at the TSC stores for pick ups.



Pictures taken October 2010.
Can meet you at TSC parking lot in Bloomington (west side of highway 74) next door to Farm and Fleet at four o/clock. I am PM'ed you my cell.

Do bring a crate with you if you can!
If this person is a no show or didn't want them in the last minute, then the bantams can go to you if you want to buy them.
Jenny, I sent you a text message......please respond back before I leave home at 3:15 before heading out to Bloomington.

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