Welsummer Chicks looking for a new place to roost....(OH) p/u only

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    (My apology in advance...can't figure out how to remove the Sp.Sussex and her price of $6.00 from the thumbnail pic...she's been sold...any hints would be much appreciated) [​IMG]
    Welsummer pullet (1) $8.00
    Welsummer trio ( 1 cockeral & 2 pullets) $20.00

    These chicks were all hatched 5/17, 10 weeks old Monday (7/19) picked up from Meyer Hatchery. The pullets should begin to lay with the next 6-8 weeks, they no longer need the brooder light, are on Purina Flock Raiser crumbles. Very healthy and ready to go.
    How About a"Quantity Deal?"....All four Welsummers for $25.00
    No shipping but I'm willing to meet you within a reasonable distance (20-25 miles of Delaware). Let me know if you have any questions.
    One of the ladies....
    Looking like a boy...got the strut down already, but no attempts at crowing.......yet...
    And one more lady.....
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