welsummer cockerel for showing


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Apr 2, 2011
hi there, i would love t show my welsummer 'kellogg'. please can you say what you like and dislike about him


It's hard to really evaluate a bird from a picture but overall he looks pretty good. Colour & type are nice. The only weakness I see is his head points. The comb & wattles are a bit large & course. Also his ear-lobes are large with a fold. They should be smaller & smooth.

ETA: I am looking at the bird from the standpoint of the American Standard.
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2x and go ahead and show him and I think he is very handsome.

I see too many folds in his wattles as well. The comb is not "beefy" or overly large but just right amount of substance. And he seems to be "balanced" in structure, not like an Leghorn type or Orpington type. One thing I am glad to see is that he does not have any white fluff on his tail area whichi it is problematic in our Welsummers in this country. It should be slate or gray in color.
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