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    For pick up only in Southern Maryland (Washington DC area)

    I have 1 of these lovely cockerels available. This is the rooster on the Kelloggs cereal box... the quintessential image of a barnyard bird with their beautifully complicated coloring and feather texture.

    This little guy is from one of the eggs I hatched in my incubator on April 23rd. He's very healthy, athletic and quiet. Fully feathered out but still has a lot of growing to do and he'll eventually transform into a lovely bird.

    Welsummer hens lay large, beautiful terra cotta colored eggs. I've read that if you breed a Welsummer to a blue egg layer such as Araucana or Ameraucana (commonly known as "Easter Eggers") the resulting chicken will lay olive colored eggs - an Olive Egger.

    More details and photos can be found on my website: http://2mooses.weebly.com/livestock-for-sale.html
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    Hi. You may want to get help moving this posting over to the auction that's specifically for chickens...might get more takers on this handsome little guy...[​IMG]
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    I am sorry but the pic is NOT a Welsummer, it is an EE! Pretty one that is!

    Just a friendly reminder, the photos of the Welsummer hen and colorful eggs on your website belongs to Whitmore Farms. I don't know how many times people "peel" off photos from his website and use it for their own purposes without his permission. He does not take this kindly, believe me. Can you please replace it with your own Welsummer pictures?
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    Quote:I agree there is no way that is a welsummer and you certainly can't use someone else pictures on your website! Your eggs aren't even from his birds!
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