Welsummer Day-Old chicks - NPIP NY 21 1198, will ship


12 Years
Jun 1, 2007
South Western NY
This is for day-old Welsummer chicks - straight run. They will hatch Tues eve.. Must ship on Wednesday Stock originally came from Calicowoods, but that was around 6 years ago. First bidder must take at least 10 chicks. There should be 20-25 available. Please do not bid on the auction, just send a PM or email. This is my last auction for Welsummer chicks until fall.

Price is per chick - straight run. Shipping will be by Express Mail plus a $5 box charge and actual shipping charges. This group will ship on Wednesday, so please arrange to pay promptly so we can get them out in the small window available for shipping. I can take PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards.

Orders can be picked up in Olean, NY for anyone nearby. We also have about a dozen older chicks for pickup for anyone close enough - mostly pullets.

Our main Rooster:

Mature Hen:

Eggs from our flock:

Thanks for looking.

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