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  1. EricandJeri

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    Aug 29, 2014
    I got 5 Welsummer day-old chicks last January from an online company and they've done well. My only complaint is that they hardly lay at all. When they first started laying I would get a few a week (identifying by color only) and now, virtually none at all. Realizing that it is Winter and all birds lay less, I am curious to see what happens to their laying in the Spring. With 31 mixed hens, the group still lay about 8 a day this Winter. Has anyone else had Welsummers from chicks, and what has been your experience with their egg production? Thanks!
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Our hatchery grade welsummers were pretty good producers - averaging 4+ eggs per week per bird. Are you seeing a corresponding lack of production in your other birds as well? Are your birds confined or free ranging? I only ask as our welsummers were particularly fond of nesting away from the coop - particularly in the hay manger of our horses - and I just noticed while at my sister's farm this past weekend that her welsummers were also making use of a hidden nest..this time in the hay being stored in the goat barn (almost stepped on a nest full of lovely dark eggs while climbing the stack). It was definitely funny to see that of all her mixed flock and all of the mixed flock I last had that was the breed most drawn to nesting elsewhere.
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    Mar 17, 2016
    My Welsummer started laying in late November. She layed a handful of eggs and then stopped once winter weather hit. It is about mid-march now and i have yet to see anything from her. My other chickens layed through the winter and are still going strong, but my Wellie seems to be taking her sweet time.
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    My Welsummers that began their laying cycle during the winter laid from 3-5 eggs a week during their first winter. Once the hens were adults they no longer laid during the winter. Of course I do not give them any extra light.

    I suspect that a person wanting Welsummers to lay through the winter will need to provide artificial light and possible also heat.

    As the days get longer my Welsummers pick up laying in late February and early March. I currently have 5 Welsummer hens. All 5 are laying and I am getting 2 - 4 eggs a day.

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