Welsummer Hatching Eggs - NPIP NY 21 1198


12 Years
Jun 1, 2007
South Western NY
Eggs are $1.50 each. Please don't bid. Just send me an email or PM with the number you want and your zip code.

These eggs are out of a very nice line of Welsummers. I've never had a broody hen from this line. The eggs are usually between 4 and 7 on the Maran's chart. Price is per egg + extras. We can provide up to 3 dozen. You pay actual shipping - Priority Mail. I guarantee none will be broken during shipping.

Photos are of our eggs are very comparable in color to what we'll ship you. They are ready to go. See more photos of our birds on our website - insideyolk.com

The eggs are no more than 3 days old when shipped. We choose the best from 15 laying hens. I guarantee none will be broken during shipment. We pack them so they won't break - at least not one has broken in the many hundreds I've shipped. I can take PayPal or credit cards.

Our main Rooster:

Mature Hen:

Eggs from our flock:

Thanks for looking.

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