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    well, my favorite welsummer hen has finally gone broody - I cannot tell how many eggs are under her - but I'm a bit concerned that the other hen is adding to her pile every day..... because I'm not finding them anywhere else and they shared the nest before the older hen went broody. I can almost always tell what egg is from what hen - should I mark the eggs that are under the hen now and remove the new one each day from the other hen? Have had chickens for years, but never had a hen go broody and start to set on eggs before, so this is new to me! Also, the nest is on concrete blocks in the barn (so like 6-8'' off the ground) - I will need to add a ramp before chicks are hatching, correct?

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    I have a hen that is broody too. She is sitting on four eggs. Some people will tell you that your hen needs to be removed though. Anyhow, I have marked the date on the four eggs I want her to set on, so that I know which ones are the set ones, and which are the new ones. This way I also have a reminder of what date I set them.
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    good idea on the date - I don't want to move her - she is stuck like glue to that nest! LOL! But, I don't really want chicks from the younger hen either - (her conformation isn't as pretty and her feathers aren't as dark as the broody hen - the broody hen came from a breeder and the other hen came from a hatchery).

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