Welsummer Mix Chick


7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Yesterday I hatched a new chick (first time ever!) and I was surprised how much it looks like it's papa. I'm hoping that it has enough Welsummer in it that someone can tell if it's a pullet or a roo. Here are some pics. It's the only one out of the group that hatched. :( Momma was an Ameraucana.

Here's our baby now at 10 days old. I'm so anxious to know...anyone care to guess yet if it's a boy or a girl?

Sorry to early to tell, maybe in to weeks though!
Just sharing some friday cuteness with you. I believe the chick is starting to show a female marking pattern (eye liner on the eyes) which I hear is typical for female Welsummer chicks. I'm holding out on a final call though until it's a bit older. I thought you guys might enjoy some cuteness though . She/he is so super cute.


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