Welsummer or Barnevelder

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  1. beccaboo254

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    Sep 12, 2013
    Ok looking to add one more to my small backyard flock. I'd love a dark egg layer but I hear Marens are difficult. So it's down to these two. My other birds are a semi-mean EE (although she's mellowing some), a Silkie, and a bantam Cornish. I have a small coop with a decent sized run plus they get to roam my small yard for 2-5 hours a day. I live in north TX so generally mild winters (except this year) and HOT summers (the yard and run have a good elm covering the dirt bath areas for shade). I'm going to redo my run this month to make it more "fly-over proof" and then I want to add one of these birds.

    So which one would do better in my circumstances?
  2. beccaboo254

    beccaboo254 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 12, 2013
    Also I know Wellies come in a bantam which would be the most ideal. Do Barnevelders?
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    Welsummers do come in bantams, but their egg color is not dark like the large fowl. Barnevelders also come in bantams, though they are pretty rare.

    I breed both in Large Fowl, and we get pretty hot in the summer. (usually around 115 for a week in the summer) Both do well in the heat. Welsummers do lay a darker egg and are a bit better layer than the Barnevelders. Both have a great disposition, but if you want a lap chicken, Barnies would be a better choice. My Welsummers are friendly, but not the cuddle type. Hard choice, I love them both.
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    Yes Welsummers do come in bantams and Barnies also come in bantams but much rarer. Both breeds lay light tint eggs. It will take decades to get it DARK like their LF cousins.

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