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    Feb 14, 2013
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    We have one 2 mo. old Welsummer rooster for sale. He is a pretty boy out of Chicken Scratch poultry and is fairly docile for a roo. We have too many roos, and it would be a shame to eat a good breeder.

    He would make a nice addition to a Welsummer flock, or to make some beautiful Easter Egger with an Americauna hen. You would get some lovely dotted patterns on the eggs, I'm thinking.

    I'm only asking $15 and shipping for him, which would be another $15 I think, depending on where you live. We are in the Houston area and could do a pick-up if you prefer, or I could meet you. I just want him to have a good home. :)

    ACK! I just realized I posted this in the Eggs section. Sorry. Moving this over to the right place.
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