Welsummers....Boy? Girl? or Transgender?


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Jun 8, 2009
ok, I'm obviously new here and I just started hatching my first ever hatch of chicks which consist of Welsummers, Gold Lace Orpingtons, Black Minorcas and Light Sussex so far!!!

But I am having SERIOUS trouble sexing (the supposedly easy to sex) Welsummers. I have 7 chicks and as far as I can see they are either ALL boy or ALL girls or I am just blind!!

Help anyone.......


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Yeah I heard that but they have just started to get there feathers (they are about 8 days old now) and I still don't notice any differences!!
I have found with my Welsummers that the pullets are the ones that have the brown stripe down their heads that are outlined in black. The cockerels did not have that black outline on the brown stripe. Like in your second picture, the two chicks in the corner standing side by side should be cockerels.

Hope that helps and welcome to BYC!
I think i see what you mean!! If I am doing it right.....I think I have 3 cockrels and 4 pullets!!! Excellent..........I can breed!
I also forgot to point out that the pullets have the wider brown stripe and the cockerels are more narrow.
Gumpsgirl is correct. I think you can find more info (including pictures) on the subject by doing a search on here for Welsummers and maybe even using me as the Author.

Depending on your desired results from the breeding, you may want to do a bit more research first. For example, where did you get your birds? Are they brother & sister? Etc.

Again, doing a search for Welsummers with me as the Author will give you a whole lot more info to consider.

Btw, you can see pics of my birds and eggs on my website.

God Bless,
Little Wellies are so cute... my kids tried to talk me into one at the feed store a few months ago.


Can't believe I wrote that... but it's true!
Perfect timing, thanks from me too. I have two Welsummer chicks that just hatched, and I'm trying to figure out girl or boy as they fluff up a bit more! I think I have one of each...one has such clear stripes and outlining, and the other less so, more like a 'splotch' of brown.
I am sooo lucky as my grandmother keeps about 80 welsummers so I know exactly how the birds are treated, if they are releated or not etc as I have seen it all happen myself!!

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