Welsummers Not Laying And Has Hurt Legg


6 Years
Dec 1, 2013
Nashville, TN
Hello! We have 2 welsummers that are sisters. (The flock is 15 hens all different breeds) They're 11 months old and have never laid an egg. About a week ago one of them started to limp. The limp seems to be getting worse. She's active and talkative but limping and her tail feathers have been pointed down. Today we put her in a box in the garage to keep her from using the gimpy legg.
Any suggestions here? What is the likelyhood that two of them would never lay? Could it be Mareks? Does that keep them from laying?
The first picture is the limper. The second is her sister. 95% sure neither one of them has ever laid.


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