Welsummers or Barnevelder Dark eggs.

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    1) Is it Barnevelders or Welsummers that lay really dark "chocolate" colored eggs or do they both???
    Barnevelders have the Lacing like the Wyndottes. and. Welsummers have similar feathering to Dorkings.
    2) If they both lay dark eggs then which breed has better egg production. I want to get some dark egg laying hens for my flock and just want to get he right ones.
    Not sure why but get these two breeds mixed up all the time.
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    Neither lay "chocolate" colored eggs. Welsummers lay terra cotta (clay pot color) and barnevelders are supposed to lay dark, but egg color in the US has suffered. Welsummers are by far better layers.

    If your goal is chocolate colored eggs, then you might want to look into Marans.
    Look here for egg colors on wellies and one picture that shows barnevelder eggs in full sun.
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    Thanks it's good to see the difference in egg color. In all the searches Ive done on the internet it comes up with really dark eggs all the way up to white so not sure who laid what color egg. I'm not sure that i would be able to get Marans but i shall try, they do look like a lovely breed. I have a breeder near me who has just got 100 Barnevelder utility use hens and plans to emphasis on egg size and egg shell darkness in his breeding so i was planing on getting a few pullets from him.

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