Went Looking for Pine Tar, got EE chicks instead.


11 Years
Nov 22, 2008
So we went into a local farm store about a week ago looking for Pine Tar for our horses hooves. The last thing I expected was for them to have chicks this late in the year, but I follow the cheeping and there are the most adorable puff faces chicks. There was just no way I just leave without some, lol. We picked out 6 the first day, and then I went back the next and got two more.
The sign said "Americana (Araucana) pullets" then when I got home and did a bit of research I figured they were probably EE's.
We have had several moms hatch their own babies this year, which is great to watch but none are as friendly as the onces Ive raised myself in the past, so these EE's are my "friendly" chicks for this year.
I went out to sit with them today and notices most them them are getting sort of a greenish tint to their legs, and wondered if that was normal for EE's.
This is my first time with Easter Eggers.

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