Went on Vacation & Came Back to a Broody!


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
So, I went on a week long vacay w/my mom and aunt, leaving my dh in charge of the chickens. Luckily they all survived his type of "care"
But then yesterday I noticed my Silkie refused to get off her nest. I checked underneath her and she has 6 eggs she's sitting on!
But, I have no idea when she started sitting, since I wasn't home.

Today when I get home from work, I'm going to mark the ones she's sitting on w/a marker and then begin removing any additional that get laid. In the coop/run I have 1 more silkie, 2 duccles and 1 duccle rooster. The other silkie enjoys sleeping w/the broody silkie @ night.

So I have a few concerns...is it okay to just let her continue sitting? I have no idea when she started and no point of reference for 21 days. I've never had a broody before and just want to make sure I can do everything to ensure her a successful hatch after all of her hard work
Love silkies!

In the past in our coop when a silkie goes broody
with bad eggs once they smell bad they give up. Now
Im just a kid with extra time BUT I do make sure I feed
and water her everyday. No harm done that way...
OH and I am making a nest boxs in totes. That way come
a cold snap or flood I can move her....

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