Went over budget!

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    Never, EVER go to Lowe's when you're not done with a project! My "free" coop just went over budget!

    $14.99 for 14x14 bird netting for a day time run covering. Rooster already tested it, tried to fly to his usual crowing spot on the frame and was effectively and safely deterred. I stapled it on the outside instead of inside, to prevent nails from getting possibly tangled if they tried it out.

    $24 on 75 ft outdoor extension cord.

    $3 on an attachment plug to the extension cord, to make it 3 outlets. (just needed two)

    $12 on a garbage can for the 50 pounds of feed I bought at the previous stop to Tractor Supply. Didn't go over budget there!

    $25 in PVC pipe, elbows, and end caps. Husband made a nifty double sided feeder, I'd say it holds 10 pounds of feed, 5 on each end. There's a slot cut into the middle of the cross pipe for feeding, all 4 can eat at the same time.

    I think that's all we bought... really could have done without the feeder, but I was inspired by a picture I saw on here, and we walked right by the PVC.

    Oh, bought a 150W heat bulb... but it gets too hot and it's not cold enough. I'm using a regular 75w bulb and it's really changed the atmosphere of the coop. They sit under it and groom themselves instead of doing it outside. I can peak in and see what everyone is doing. Their favorite corner was also the darkest/warmest corner. Adding the side door added some light and began to ventilate that back room area, adding the light so I can keep them up past 6pm and maybe get an egg out of the older hen!

    And if you want to see if your ventilation is working? Go in and stir up a bunch of dust (which I did when arranging the power cords to follow the ceiling) and then flip the light on. Watch what the dust particles do. Mine moved and settled surprisingly quick!

    When there's still air, the dust will just sort of hang in it. I remember cleaning stalls at a barn where the dust just hung, it was awful. I have a feeling that's what my coop was doing, before I added that side door which pushes air into the back corner.

    But I'm done, total cost still under $100. (not counting the incubator I bought online... LOL)

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    I wish I could have spent $100 on my coop and felt bummed that I went over budget....

    I think you're doing great.
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    Nov 18, 2008
    i have a hard time going to lowes & staying on budget!! my in laws give me lowes gift cards for xmas. i love that place. [​IMG] wife tries to keep me out of there. now she makes me make a list of what we need before we go, [​IMG] but that doesn't work cause i always find something else i "NEED" when i get there.
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Lowes staff knows me and my card for Lowes has worn out twice...Some women it is shoes stores...me it is Lowes ADDICTED.... I write my list and add to when I get there, its my own handwriting s noone knows!

  5. mandelyn

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Mt Repose, OH
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    I did learn that if I bring the husband there has to be a project to focus on. If not, he doesn't know what aisle to be in, so he goes up and down each one getting VERY distracted. That gets exspensive too!

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