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    well my husand and his daughter went through court and we won but I feel it is bitter sweet for the kids, they are to go to see there mother every weekend and they come to get them and we go to bring them back. on the way back I don't know if the daughter said this or if the oldest Samantha (Sam) just thought this but she said after school she and her sister is to go live wth their mother I said nothing is for sure she has to do what the judge said and when she has all of what is said THEN you and your sister will move there.

    I have questioned his daughter and well see if she can be civil I am not her favorite person. when we went to court she rep herself then judge had to keep telling her how the law was and what she could do and what she was not to do. My husband was none better he was asked if she was unfit and he said no the lawyer said he blew the case right there. His daughter as arguing with him on the stand and she was asking things not relavent to the case our lawyer got up and said it is not the past but what is current at this time.

    I reckon the judge got tired or fed up with his daughter and ended it all I told the lawyer let me get up I know all that has been said and I can tell all that is need I thought Terry (my husband) knew all and I stutter (studder) when real nervous or you can't hear me I thought Terry would be best.

    I feel it was a miracle we won

    Now we go through mediations the lawyer said if we can't get some agreement then she has to bring it into court and we are not to go into court UNLESS she bring it in to get the kids. I don't see this at this time and as far as getting it all together she has a job but no lincense she is to get one this week and then a car and be able to support herself and her kids. She got to saying about Terry and me that I don't work it is not the same I would move to my sister of my folkd place or a relative would take me in. But she doesn't ahve anyoe she can go to or wants to go to and she has burnt all the bridges she had. she goes through 6 months period and then all falls apart I fear that this is to happen and these kids have gone to HADES and back.

    She also lied on stand she said I said it was me or them and it was never that I said I was tired of her doing what ever she wanted and I was here with the kids and it is not MY RESPONSIBILTY to take care of them it is her she is the mother not me. This has been the whole thing in the marriage she has did basically what she wanted and I was never a equal Terry has agreed to go to mariage counseling so I think it is a step in the right direction for both of us.

    I also have the check for the oldest for the daddy being dead I found out the toher one the youngest doesn't have the same father as the oldestr I am in disbelief she looked just like the daddy of the other one.

    But now I am responsible for the two kids I have no problem with this. I set up a checking account for the oldest and I have everymonth $100. coming out in a savins account when and if the mother can take them the savings account what ever is in it will be put in a CD and then it can just grow till Sam needs it her mother can't touch it UNLESS she gives it to her I wonder if I can have both name on it mine and Sam's so I can help her get what ever it is when it is ready for her to get it. The mother never send anything or the kid I should say never saw anything from the check unless birthday or holiday and this christmas totla of what she got was IF 100. for both I am trying real hard to just spend this on the kids she only gets 439 and she need things I told the mother for Christmas they need clothes I gave sizes and all but not one stitch of clothe=ing there was not any why ask if you don't plan to do it.

    I feel it would be better for me to handle the check but Socail Security will not let me I am sure. I have some wory of this check and when and if they go back if the check will go for Sam. We spent 128 for her to get pants and night ware he mother was told this for christmas I don't know I was not the best mother when I had my son but I was there for him does this count for anything?

    Anyone understand what I am saying

    oh and just a kicked anythime we give the kids money the mother would "BORROW IT" but never repay so we either hold it for them or we go to get what ever they want at the time. Sad huh?


    AND NO I AM NOT PERFECT just in case anyone thought I was thinking this far from it. I have a sorta past life

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