Went to a coupon class the other night . . . .

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  1. This was fascinating to me, because I have always been a coupon user anywhere I could use them, and these two girls are just amazing . . .one has actually done my dream thing and went to Target (who is very friendly to coupon users in one store here in Illinois) and walked out with over $170+ worth of food, paper products, and toiletries for $7.61. She said Target is one of the best stores she has ever found for clearance items, and they don't have aisles like WM, you have to look throughout the store. And, you can use cash off coupons on them, they just adjust the price. Another thing that just blew me away, is our local Aldi's have great prices on produce, but their produce is "smaller" and not quite as good as quality as WM and you ask for a price comparison and GET it at WM when you take in the Aldi's ad and show it to them at the checkout . . .also when Aldi's runs a milk special like $1.99 a gallon, WM will honor that too with their brand. . .the BOGO free at CVS with the bucks you get back is another fantastic way to get virtually free shampoos, etc.

    These girls also make their own liquid laundry detergent and fabric softner. The fabric softner is what intriqued me, as I had made it before and was not impressed with it. They add 2 cups of HAIR CONDITIONER, and the cheaper the better, to theirs. Says the scent is wonderful and it works great. The recipe I had never called for that. They said not to use the high priced conditioner, as it has too much oil in it and it will come out on the clothes, so Suave or White Rain are the two best picks . . .Suave has some great scents too, the Coconut and Lavender are particularly good.

    I actually have the paperwork they passed out to us that night, and I can scan and email it to anyone interested next week when I work in the office. We have a copier that scans and does such a terrific job so fast I can send anyone interested in a copy. It gives websites you can go too, to print off coupons (DG in some areas will not accept these) and tips and other ways to cut costs. I went to Petsmart the other day, and my bill came to $72 which sounds horrible, but most of it will last me almost 2 months, and I had almost $18 in cash off coupons. Combined with the stores specials, I came out with about 10 bags full of stuff. . .so I feel like I am getting back on track. The paperwork will have some of my notes on it, and other websites, but for those of you out there wanting to cut corners even more (I feel like if I save $20 at the store, then the animal food is sort of free . . .see what I mean!!!! MORE critters!!!!! [​IMG] ) this is a great stepping stone to getting started!!!! They are on facebook as couponmommas I think, Jamie is one of them, can't remember the other girls name. . .but they put their tips and specials on that website and links to other good deals.

    One of them is actually having a NO SPEND MONTH this next month, as she has enough pantry and food items to only have to buy milk, bread and gas. She is really excited about this. The other girl is a divorced mother of two little babies and she said when her husband left her, sort of out of the blue, she literally ate out of her pantry for 6 weeks.

    If I can scan and post it to a topic I will do that too, so you can just print it off like that!!! I want to go again, because I think you will learn something new each time you go that you missed the first go round.
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    That sounds awesome! I'd be interested in getting their fabric softner recipe! I HATE paying for that stuff.
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    You sound very excited. I'm still contemplating the fact that there is such a thing as a "coupon class", but great! When I was a kid and just starting out in my young marriage, we had no money and I always used cheap hair conditioner as fabric softener. No recipe needed, just replace fabric softener with hair conditioner.

    In my experience, there is a great rush in realizing how much you save when you become coupon savvy, but I've also learned that sometimes time is more important and running around to certain stores for certain deals, etc is simply not worth it. So I use 'couponing' in modertation, lol.

    I would enjoy reading what material you brought back from the event! Happy Saving.
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    I would like to read the material as well. Maybe you can scan it and email it to those of us who want to read it?
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    I would love a copy of the information I use coupons and make my own laundry soap but have not found a recipe for fabric softener that i liked if you could email me the info I would appreciate it.
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    I have a friend that gives lessons on the art of "couponing". She's in Illinois too. I'm really bad cause I'll cut out the coupons, sometimes get them as far as my purse, and then forget to use them. [​IMG] I'm really bad about doing that. But in general coupons don't do me much good cause I buy generic in almost everything. Can't afford namebrand anything anymore. [​IMG]
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    BTW, how DO you ladies make your own laundry soap? Do you use Borax? Mixed with what? How do you do it? Is it allergy free? I do like to live as inexpensively as possible, and my older daughter has a lot of skin allergies. Right now we use powdered Gain and she's ok with it, but nost detergents she's allergic to. I'd like to know how to make my own detergent though.
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    Coupons: The reason those of us who don't use them, pay higher prices.
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    I'm a half-committed couponer. No patience for "The Grocery Game", but I always use: couponmom.com for the data base of coupons in my state and store coupled with price deals when I make my weekly grocery list. This usually saves me at least 35% off my grocery bill. There are methods for saving nearly 100%, but I will only buy what we particularly use and want rather than everything that's on sale.

    I ALWAYS buy a number of items each trip that we don't necessarily use, but are free or nearly free with coupons (hygiene products, dry and canned goods, baby products) and I put them in our Donation Basket. When the basket fills, I take everything to our local food pantry. We usually donate about 30 pounds (or two large shopping bags) of items every month. This is something I encourage everyone to consider, even if you are not an avid coupon saver. It makes "giving" much easier, and anyone can do it. It takes about 15 minutes of extra time when making your grocery list.

    Online, I always use ebates.com before I go to a website to order anything. Cash back on every purchase routed through them, and you can still use coupon codes, rebates, etc on top of it. I've received 3 rebate checks so far for simply clicking an extra button before purchase. How easy is that?

    As far as I'm concerned, it's free money. I once did a quick estimate of the value of the grocery coupons vs. my time. It worked out to be about $100 an hour. Not a bad salary.

    For those who think it means paying more money, it depends on how you shop. If you can purchase $100 worth of groceries for $7, then how are you paying more? If you are brand specific or you only buy value items, then it's harder to use the coupons. Those of us who are willing to flex on brands, and rarely use value brands, absolutely save money. Buying produce at a local farmer's market is also a budget friendly idea.
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    This is really good information. Who couldn't use a little savings, or maybe allot ! [​IMG]

    Please count me in on the info,

    Thank you !

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