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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by growinupinfl, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. growinupinfl

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    Apr 2, 2010
    I went to the auction got some really big mix breed roo's.. I personally think the big ones are pretty... but what is they a mix of?

    [​IMG] They have yellow to dark greenish black legs, this HUGE comb..[​IMG] They love to shake their heads and it makes me dizzy to watch them, also stand on one foot quite frequently. I weighed them and they weigh around 8 lbs give or take a half a pound. What kind of mix do you think? How can I tell if they are gonna get any bigger?

    Then I thought I was bidding on Frizzles.. Um.. no I was bidding on the crate of ROO"S right next to the frizzles DUH!!!!!! so now I have roo's I'll keep a nice one..

    I am pretty sure it is an Americauna, but it is rumpless.. he is also a very sweet boy..


    This is the face of evil. If this thing doesn't straighten up he is going somewhere...freezercamp I don't know unless someone can convince me of something else to do with him, or that he is special..


    And here is a few bantys for the mix

    and his girls looks like this..[​IMG]

    Ok now what does anyone think these guys are... LOL aahhh welcome to the world of Live stock Auction


  2. ChickenWisperer

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    Jun 30, 2008
    The "Americana" is an EasterEgger, or a mutt bird with a blue egglaying ancestor - and he has a tail, he isn't rumpless. There is no such thing as an "Americana" - There are Ameraucanas and Araucanas.

    I'm not sure about the first. He appears to have some leghorn in him to me, due to the body shape and comb...

    The rest are mutts, of what I'm not sure.
  3. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA

    The first is a Sussex cross, the rest I'm not sure but the last one is amazing! It looks part silver duckwing, part gold duckwing. Could you show me both sides of the last one?
  4. Pequena Bandada

    Pequena Bandada Small Flock

    Jun 13, 2010
    Shaking their heads is a sign of mites. Be sure to quarantine them and check them over before you integrate with your existing flock.
  5. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Shaking their heads can also be a sign of developing respiratory infections- not at all uncommon for auction birds given that they have been stressed and exposed to everything at the auction house. Auction birds are always iffy especially this time of year. Hopefully you have isolated them from the rest of your flock for quarantine.

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