Went to the fair today to see the poultry

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I always love doing that, seeing the other chickens.

    No one person had a silver sebright, was hoping to see one, they look so pretty in pics on here. Hardly any polish, only two frizzles. But now that I am on here and am more familiar with different breeds, it was more interesting than usual.

    What I wonder is how do you keep your birds if you enter them from catching every bird cold/flu/disease/mites/parasite that is out there? They are all so close to each other. and some were twitchin and itchin. And my goodness, some of those bantams can really make NOISE. What a cacaphony it was!

    Oh and for show people, what does it mean when the judge writes on your tag, "needs conditioning?" How do you "condition" a bird? Just curious....
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  2. silkiechicken

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    The fair is so FUN!! I can't wait to go this year! I think really serious people do quarantine and stuff like that to keep their birds pest free. As for conditioning, I think that means that the bird has ruffled feathers and just wasn't cleaned up enough or got beat up by a roo before the show. I'm sure someone who shows birds can tell you more.
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I know they do a quick blood test before being able to enter your chickens unless you got your chickens through the 4-h program.

    This will be our first year and I can't wait to show our chickens.

  4. I went to a fair a few weeks ago and was able to see some chickens i've only seen pics of or was unsure if i wanted. It made me want more, so i have a list picked for next years chickens. This also means i need to probally build another coop and larger pen for next year.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    I love to visit the poultry houses also, but I wish that fairs would put a bit more effort into the set-up of them.
    You are right - they are packed in there - often the cages are stacked on top of each other three or four levels high. I was at a fair last year where they had some lovely trios, but they were in a tiny cage, and the hens' feathers were all picked, not to mention the neighboring chickens had been stripping the roos' tails. You could tell from their general condition otherwise that they had probably come in looking fabulous.
    Also, I've only owned one roo in my life, but he would have been mighty stressed if I put him in a cage with nothing but some wire separating him and the other roos.
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    Jan 27, 2007
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    Our fair is next week. We have a nice set up for our poultry, years ago they had to share a barn with rabbits. They now have their own barn. I can't wait for the fair next week. We have a miricle of birth tent set up there where you can see newborn calves, pigs and etc..
  7. silkiechicken

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    Huh, our fair is pretty spread out. One layer cages and good space with larger cages available for the bigger roos and even bigger cages or taken out dividers for trios... then again.. over the past few years there have been fewer and fewer animals being showed... everything in the area is turning into suburban areas with housing developments.
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    I love fair time. For us we are always mindful of their health and condition. Months before the shows we start evaluating them and sorting out prospects. Those that need individual pens are moved, those w/ feathers on their feet are bedded more, those w/ longtails are given higher perchs for roosting etc. We follow a strict regimine of worming and de-bugging checking the birds monthly for insects and broken feathers. 1 Month away from a show we start adding in electrolites to everyones water, and don't allow any foot traffic by friends or neighbors to their areas. After the shows any birds that went are put in seperate housing quarters for 1 month upon their return for quarentine, and given low dose antibiotics the first week home. We love the fairs and our birds and are really looking forward to this years fairs for us that are coming up at the end of the month!!
  9. When you enter a bird ( is ‘enter’ the right word?) do you have to leave it there overnight?
  10. mdbucks

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    Each show is different, some you have to leave it if you dont leave it any prize money is forfeted. Our show had a top 3 of each catagory had to remain. Some All birds have to stay and show isn't till middle of week. Chek with local (or sate) fair book to find what they expect. Before entering or trying to enter check because all have other limits too. Some hve testing that must be done or testing papers must be shown, some don't. some have ownership timelimits some dont.

    Sorry I rambled my answer is each fair is different.
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