Went to the zoo today........

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    ...and you would be surprised how many people know NOTHING. One guy told his son that the vulture he was pointing to was a turkey. IT WAS IN A GIRRAFE EXHIBIT!!! One guy (different guy) saw an actual turkey and told HIS son that it was a Peacock. A PEACOCK???? Honestly People! Use some common sense! Do Not get me started on the chickens. The had a quad of buff orps (one roo) and the people were asking if they were boy or girl roosters or if they were boy or girl chickens. They think that Roosters and Chickens (HENS-DUHH!!) are two entirely different things. They had one bantam (which was actually a beautiful show quality Gold neck d Uccle hen) and everyone thought it was a baby chick. Look at the newborn!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They had a New walkthrough Kangaroo Exhibit. For those who dont know , male kangaroos are red, and the females are a dirty brown color. One guy saw three females and was like, Look, here are some wallabies! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On two side notes, They had the cutest baby penguin ever, and I am going to have to find out how to contact the zoo so i can buy that bantam hen

    Ok, Funny Rant Over
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    LOL! That reminds me of a mission trip we took with our church to West Virginia a couple of years back. Our former pastor, bless his heart, is not a country person. As we were riding down some long, twisted mountain road he exclaimed, "LOOK! A Bald Eagle!!"

    We all scrambled over to the windows on the church van to see.... a buzzard. [​IMG]
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    oh my gosh, wow! its like its a zoo so use common sense, why would a turkey be in a giraffe exibit...? some people I swear! [​IMG] [​IMG] lol [​IMG]
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    Many years ago I was at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Overheard a mom telling her young daughter at the Flamingo exhibit "Look at the pretty Pelicans". [​IMG]
    OK I know it's just a simple mistake, but to this day if I'm with someone and a bird flys by I say: "Look at the pretty Pelican"

    Imp-I also call every animal alongside the road a "Cow" even if it's a horse, llama, squirrel etc.

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