Were can I find the laws and ordinances for my city?


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I am getting some chicks tonight (silkie and silkie/old english crosses) I know im allowed to have chickens. Me and my bf just bought our house january of this year. and talking to the previous owners they had some trouble with one of the neighbors being snoopy and complaining.

So I just want make sure im within the law in keeping my chickens.

Im in a ag/suburb of Los Angeles, how do I go about finding the laws? My property IS zoned Residential Agricultural.

thanks for the help. These are going to be my first chickens
Look on your city's website for the City Code, or do a google search for: YourCity'sName city code/municipal code or search for Yourcity'sname city/municipal code chickens or Yourcity'sname city/municipal code livestock. Search for city code and municipal code separately, but one of those searches will usually bring it up.
I went straight to the reference librarian at my local public library. She had the codes for me in five minutes flat. And I felt totally safe because in her position she is a totally neutral person with no axe to grind and keeps the library patrons' interests to herself as a firm library policy.

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