Were can I get pigeons?


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
I want to raise pigeons but dont know were to get them,no one around me sells them,so is there a hatcherie that will sell them in pairs?I would like a good meat pigeon but probably anything will do.
I have giant homers and u kings, 5.00 each, but shipping cost more than the birds. pm me for pics. the kings are white nice for meat birds.
go to a show always pigeons for sale...where do uyou live? Might know someone! I have bunches right now! Go to swaps and flea markets...not usually show birds but a good place to start and you never can tell who might show up getting rid of culls and I will tell you that some folks culls are better than others show birds!
To anwser your question yes, Stromberg's hatchery sales pairs of pigeons but they are pricey and the shipping just isn't worth it. The best way to aquire birds is directly from a breeder. I have Birmingham rollers and I aquired my start by driving about two hours to a breeders house. You can't just pick up good performance pigeons anywhere, but since you are wanting them for meat, you might be able to find what you are looking for at a nearby bird swap or flea market.
Good Luck!
Go To Usanpa.com There You Can Find The Director For The State You Ive In And He Mightbe Able To Help You Locate Some Birds That Is The National Pigeon Assn. Site It The Best Way To Find Birds If You Have No Other Luck

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