We're Going to be Rich!


8 Years
We moved the ducks out of the grow-out pen and I started cleaning it up. I quickly realized the ducks are going to be our gateway to fame and riches. Not with eggs or even meat, but with...

This stuff really sticks, and it's cheap. Even my 2000 psi pressure washer has trouble getting it off the concrete. OldGal and I are already looking at Lear Jets, a home in Tahiti and a condo in the quarter in New Orleans.
I have a product slogan:

"If you ain't usin' our glue, you ain't usin' POO!"

I thought it up while using the pressure washer this morning trying to clean the concrete once again.
Advertise as a glue/stain combination. Bound to be a big seller.
Great idea! We could charge extra. When I feed the quackers peas the poo comes out green, shredded carrots and it takes on an orangeish hue. Wonder what other colors I can come up with?

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