We're gonna get shipped to the death chamber if mom don't find out what we are!

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Lady of McCamley

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I agree with sex...except #4 could be a pullet too. The only for sure rooster I see is #5, the rooster on the right...and he is more than 9 weeks (which I'm sure you've figured out).

As to breeds...
#1 looks to be an Easter Egger

#2 hard to tell...the leg color is wrong for White Rocks...wrong comb for Chantecleer (single comb instead of cushion)...I think they are all mixed breeds

#3 is likely a Blue Andalusian

#4 looks similar to #2...again hard to say...yellow legs and single comb would indicate a White Rock...but their leg colors are wrong. Wrong comb for Chantecleer (looks to be single). May be a roo, but the comb is still yellow, so if mixed breed, could be a pullet as I've had mixed breeds mature quickly. (One laid at 14 weeks!)

#5...I can't see the heads, or profile body shots, so it is hard to say...could be Australorps

My guesses
Lady of McCamley
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Number 5 are my jersey giants, I really just wanted to show them and show what happened to his comb, it somehow got ripped off and healed pretty good. Number 3 is supposed to be either a blue Orpington or blue amerucuna, ordered through myers for that one. The others I picked up at TSC, and of course they were labeled as arucunas, Actually EE but again not what was listed. And #1, was and am really confused on as your not the only one who has said EE, but it doesn't even resemble one, what's up with that?


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I have 2 gray birds that appear to be the same breed as yours. I was told they were Easter Eggers, but I'm really not sure. The rest of the birds I got were supposed to be dominiques and they aren't, so I don't have much faith in the supplier's knowledge or honesty.
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