Were is the right place to post a "seeking" add?

A few things:

A BST ad but you must have 20 posts for that.

You can check your state thread in the Where am I? Where are you section to see if any locals know of breeders for that breed.

Or you may find breeders on the breed thread of the breed your looking for in the Breeds, Genetics, and Showing section
Yes I saw that you (I) needed 20 posts. LOL So OK Ill try the breeders section. And Ive been posting in threads were they are mentioned. All seem to be fairly oid though so not much activity. Ill keep at it till I get what Im after though. :)
Posting ads outside the Classified section is not allowed. If they are, they will be deleted.

Just participate more so we can get to know you, then post your ad.

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