We're the subject of a newspaper article...

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  1. http://www.dailyherald.com/story/?id=385107

    funny and some interesting "comments" follow the online story, last I looked there were 47 comments! Included is somebody called "chooks" who seems to be setting things straight, I wonder if "chooks" is from BYC? If so, thanks!
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    Cool article you guys made!!! The comments from some folks were kind of scarey though...lots of misinformation out there. Two or three large dogs compared to a few hens...well...doesn't even compare when it comes to yard hygiene. Effecting the lungs??? [​IMG] It's like some of those people think milk, eggs, beef, and pork come from machines or something...
    I will say that I've visited a farm where poop was piled up and crusted over on the roosts, nest box perches and floors; It did leave a bad impression on me of chicken tending, which is probably why I'm such a clean freak when it comes to my own coop. But that kind of place may be what some folk have in their heads when they think of backyard chickens??? [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Hey thanks!

    We are "clean freaks" too. I bet our chickens are absolutely spoiled compared with most dogs and cats in the 'hood.

    Yard hygiene. That's a good new term. I like it. Being an RN, I really like it. Besides, when it comes to hunting down and scooping chicken poops, I am more than happy to add them to my compost heap. Its fun in a dirty little way, isn't it?

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