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    Hi. [​IMG] We have six chickens, five buff orpintons, about ten months old, and an ameraucana, a year and a month old, all hens!

    We've recently moved to a new location, and the birds are in a makeshift coop until we can get a new one. The makeshift is a dog kennel, like one of those big pens, and we bring them into the garage in dog crates at night as a kind-of coop.

    Last week it was super hot, it climbed up to the dreaded temperature, 105+. But this week, it's cooled down a lot. They don't really have proper nesting boxes because of the coop situation.

    I'm including all this because the factiods lead up to one particular question:

    "AHEM. Where are our eggs, birds?!?!?!" They haven't really laid at all for about two weeks except the ameraucana, with an almost-normal egg routine.

    Our big clue is that there are down feathers everywhere with the occasional flight feather, so we suspect an early moult. They aren't showing any symptoms of disease, and they're happy as always.

    Anyone have any ideas on when we'll get the eggs back?
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    My birds are molting too. It is being triggered by the shorting days. The birds will lose all their feathers and then grow new ones back. Typically, a serious molt doesn't happen until the birds are in their second year.

    If it is a lighter molt, it may only be a month.

    Since these birds are new to you, I would check for lice and mites. Eliminate that as a possible issue. If the birds are bug free, then you just need to be patient. You can try increasing their protein slightly during the molting period. It may help them regrow those feathers faster.
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    Thanks for your advice, Math Ace! [​IMG] Great news, we got a buffie egg a few minutes ago! She's out there hollering now. [​IMG] Less feathers today... I wonder, a "break" day from moulting, or just a reeaalllyyy short-lived moult......?

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