West Jordan City Council Tuesday November 17 6PM!

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    Your city council will be hearing public comment and may have action on changing the city's ordinance to allow chickens. The ordinance is pretty restrictive currently so your voice is needed at the meeting. If you can't make it to the meeting please contact your city council members and the mayor!

    Proposed changes: http://www.wjordan.com/Files/City Clerk/Agenda Packets/Biz 5c.pdf

    Contact information for City Council can be found here: http://www.wjordan.com/Government.aspx?pgID=2.0

    planning commission meeting two weeks ago did have two people speak in opposition (my back neighbors). The rest was favorable with some changes to the ordinance.

    If you have any interest in keeping chickens in residential areas in West Jordan (or are one of the many keeping them anyways) now is the time to be heard!
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    Good luck! You should post this on the Utah! thread under the 'Where am I Where are You?' forum. There's a good bunch of folks on there.
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    Good luck at the meeting tonight! Hope you get the ordinances changed! [​IMG]

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