West of Cascades, Oregon Out of 5 breeds which is best for the region?

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Orpingtons everywhere, usually only available bright color, feather clearance might be a problem
    Speckled Sussex dont know much, dark colored plus
    New Hampshire heard good forager a few times, heard hardy a few times, color a pass?
    Dorking very few of them around, looks like mostly available in bright colors but some variety
    Sulmtaler dont know much looks like mostly bright colors available but some variety head feathers may disqualify for predator awareness but plus hardiness for less comb problems during cold

    All lay large eggs, can withstand all climates (even rainy Oregon or decide to move to South and East of Vernon,Texas area where temperature is plus 70F a good portion of the year), Broody frequent, large fowl, edible, medium to high egg production.
    Decision factors color for camouflage not looking for cosmetic beauty (bright colors dont do well), forage capability, predator awareness, feather and ground clearance (dont want them to be all wet and muddy but still want adequate protection from cold) and hardiness not accident prone or disease prone.

    Ruff and tumble rugged breed chose American Game not planning in eating them take care off themselves easily.
    Bantam Breed OEG Bantam not planning in eating them take care of themselves easily.

    Considering Wyandottes and partridge Plymouth rock but not sure of heat tolerance. If they are heat tolerant I will do research on them.

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